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We are open for essential medical services. To ensure social distancing during this time when you come to Lifemed please text us at 443-560-1746 and wait in your car until we text you to come in. We are working with patients one-on-one to quickly and safely service each patient. We are also offering carryout products, remote consultations and we can ship medications or products right to your doorstep. Call today or submit your information below to set up a consultation.

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At LifeMed Institute we offer a variety of health and wellness programs that address a wide variety of issues; however, we do so by treating your whole body, instead of just isolating the systems of your body that seem most affected. We do this by utilizing specialized testing and programs that observe markers for disease, hormones and other functions through the body. This is key to optimizing your health and identifying the root cause(s) of any symptoms that you may be experiencing.

LifeMed Institute has created methods for maximizing wellness that transcends traditional approaches. We will introduce you to a new side of total body wellness. Our goal is to improve your health and overall wellness so that you can function, feel, and look your best at any age. We are here to help you recalibrate and live to your full potential.

Your first scheduled diagnostic testing appointment with LifeMed Institute would typically include the following 3 simple steps:

  1. MEDICAL HISTORY AND QUESTIONNAIRES: You will be given medical history forms and questionnaires to be completed either online or physically. These give our physicians an overview of your medical history, lifestyle choices, and other factors that will guide them towards your customized treatment plan.
  2. HEALTH COACH: You will meet with one of our health coaches, who will review these forms, so we can understand your unique needs and develop a clear understanding of your concerns. This is important to begin the process of developing and directing you to the best treatment program.
  3. DIAGNOSTIC TESTING / BLOOD DRAW: Next, your blood will be drawn by a staff member and then a follow up appointment will be scheduled within the next 7 to 10 days to review your results with one of our doctors. At this point, a treatment plan will be discussed and tailored based on your results and personal goals and may include medications, hormone replacements, diet changes, supplements, or alternative therapies.

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