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IV Micronutrient Therapy provides more hydration than drinking water orally

Jan 5, 2023

IV hydration therapy offers more than just hydration. It is one of the most effective ways to boost your immune system and ensure that you stay healthy. The immune system needs adequate fluids to function properly and fight infectious diseases and other illnesses.

IV Micronutrient Therapy is the fastest and most efficient way to keep your body hydrated, especially if you’re suffering from moderate to severe dehydration.

Believe it or not, drinking water and other fluids is not the most efficient way to keep dehydration at bay. When you drink water, most of it is absorbed by tissue in your throat and your digestive tract. There is very little left to hydrate the rest of the tissue in your body, which is why you must drink so much water when you are trying to hydrate. IV therapy, on the other hand, puts the fluids directly into your bloodstream where your body can distribute them throughout all your systems as needed. IV therapy is a faster, much more efficient means of full-body hydration.

When you exert yourself, your body loses more than just fluids. Electrolytes and important nutrients are lost that will not be replaced by just drinking water. And, as mentioned above, drinking water isn’t the best way to deliver those lost nutrients because it puts a heavy strain on the digestive system. IV therapy will not only hydrate your body faster, but it can also replenish the vital electrolytes and nutrients that your body needs.

Trying to hydrate by drinking fluids usually means you end up drinking more than your body can absorb. Your body has to work harder to get rid of the excess fluids it can’t process. Unfortunately, it can also flush out important nutrients from your system while trying to get rid of the excess liquids. IV therapy will allow you to absorb fluids and nutrients without taxing your digestive system. You can retain the fluids and important nutrients that your body really needs.

It is the job of your liver and kidneys to filter toxins from your body and eliminate them. If you are dehydrated, your body can’t function as it should. IV therapy improves how each vital organ functions. Drinking water and other fluids doesn’t work fast enough to keep up with the toxins your body builds up. An IV with Glutathione is highly recommended for supporting liver function and flushing out toxins. IV therapy can get the needed fluids to the right organs to keep them functioning properly.

Most people don’t realize that something as common as dry skin can be avoided with proper hydration, in fact, the skin is the largest organ in the human body. Pain in your joints and achy muscles are also signs of being dehydrated. It can be a challenge to drink enough fluids to make a difference to these important parts of our bodies. IV therapy is much more efficient at delivering fluids that will help keep muscles, joints, and skin healthy.


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