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Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)/Regenerative Medicine

Microneedling isn’t just for the face! Until recently, the only effective treatments for hair loss and thinning were drugs such as minoxidil or hair transplants. Now microneedling with PRP is also being used to rejuvenate hair regrowth to the scalp. Microneedling for hair growth can be beneficial for those suffering from androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness which can affect both men and women) and is caused by a combination of genetic and hormonal factors.

Ducray Regimen, specially formulated products, for Chronic and Sudden Hair Loss for both Men and Women

Minoxidil (FDA approved ingredient that is clinically proven to regrow hair by stimulating oxygen and blood flow and providing nutrients directly to the hair follicles).

• Stabilizes hair loss

• Promotes hair growth

• Prolongs the growth phase of hair cycle

• Stimulates blood flow and microcirculation

• Increases hair diameter

Alopexy (Hair Mist)

• Regrows new hair (4 months on average for women; 2 months on average for men)

• Reactivates fair follicles to stimulate regrowth

• Stabilizes hair loss by prolonging growth phase

• Clinically shown to increase Minoxidil penetration when used with Anaphase+ Shampoo

Neoptide (Hair Lotion)

• Reduces appearance of hair loss

• Revitalizes and strengthens for stronger, healthier looking hair

• Boosts hair volume

• Promotes nutritional exchanges in hair bulb

• Non-greasy formula, cosmetically elegant

Creastim (Hair Lotion)

• Nourishes and strengthens suddenly thinning and devitalized hair

• Encourages development of strong, healthy looking hair

• Promotes nutritional exchanges in hair bulb

• Suitable for use during breastfeeding

• Pleasant fragrance, non-greasy texture

Anaphase+ Shampoo

• 6 times greater absorption of Minoxidil in hair follicle

• Energizes, prepares scalp for action of hair loss treatment

• Promotes healthy looking hair

• Restores volume, strength and vitality

• Suitable for frequent use, safe for color treated hair

Anaphase+ Conditioner

• Restores strength and vitality

• 12 hours of long lasting volume

• Detangles hair without adding weight

• Safe for color treated hair

AnaCaps Activ+ (Dietary Supplement Capsule)

• Promotes healthy hair growth by nourishing hair follicles

• Supports cellular metabolism in hair and nails to help strengthen its structure

• Helps to protect cells against oxidative stress and free radical damage

• Adds volume to hair

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